National Puppy Day 2019

Saturday, 23 March National Puppy Day 2019 in United States

Happy International Puppy Day

Happy International Puppy Day to Everyone. The International Puppy Day will be celebrated on the 23 of March or if it is a weekend then it is celebrated any day near 23 March which can either be Friday or Monday. The international puppy day is a symbol of the bond of love that puppies and humans share mutually.

Happy International Puppy Day


This day serves as an awareness day to all the people on the globe and the inhumane practices on these animals that take place in different regions of the world. It is brought to notice that these animals too are living creatures and that they deserve to be treated with love and given them their rights.

Puppies are very friendly and loyal to human beings therefore they deserve the International Puppy Day so that people know their importance. Happy International Puppy Day!!! What are you plans? Let us know in the comments bar below.

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