National Puppy Day 2019

Saturday, 23 March National Puppy Day 2019 in United States

Puppy Day Australia

National puppy day in Australia is celebrated on 23 of March to celebrate the unconditional love that puppies give us in our lives. It is happy to know that people throughout the world are slowly getting aware of the importance of this day.

This day holds a lot of importance in regards to the awareness since it lets people know that these animals deserve love and kind treatment and that an end should be put to the inhumane practices occurring throughout the world.

Puppy Day Australia

Puppies are used in different tests and products which is very cruel and hurting. This day also encourages for the adoption of homeless puppies and also gives people the motive to take care of all the homeless puppies and provide them with food and shelter so that these animals can get their basic necessities as well because they are such loyal creatures they surely deserve all the love.

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